Maaté - a premium natural baby care brand was inaugurated offline for the first time at Fortis La Femme, G.K II  by its founders Ms. Priyanka and Mr. Suresh Raina.  Maaté, meaning mother, underlines the concept of nature to nourish, cleanse & comfort your child. 

离线店铺的位置似乎是创始人的富通LA FEMME一个完美的选择是一个产妇护理医院。该品牌提供全天然的产品范围,纳入双方永恒的传统和科学的好处。

Maate酒店目前提供的产品分成三类:滋养 - 具有身体按摩油和头发按摩油;清洗 - 包括头发清洁剂,沐浴露;和舒适性,其特点是身体黄油和奶油的脸。所有产品均采用天然成分,如绿豆,葫芦巴,苦楝叶提取物,燕麦,藏红花油,烛果油,甘菊油是你的孩子的身体和丰富的开发温和。

来自不同领域的医生访问,支持启动。 Maate酒店的合作伙伴关系,富通LA FEMME肯定会带出孩子的医疗保健行业中的佼佼者。使它成为一个顺利的过程,Maate酒店将提供免费样品所有的期待家长和谁前来为父母定期体检为他们的孩子,使他们能够做出选择和了解品牌的基本要素,它有什么所提供的。迷你Maate酒店框中父母保证对产品的需求和本质的认识。  

在谈到推出,普里雷纳,Maate酒店的创始人说, “For any parent, it is essential to use the best for their child, especially when it comes to skin and body care. Every parent prioritizes brands that they can trust, brands that are honest and transparent. With Maaté, we hope to achieve that at Fortis La Femme. Both the brands share the same ideologies when it comes to baby care, and it came to us very organically to partner with them. Our belief in ancient wisdom & traditional practices in the making of the 制品, we both agreed on the importance of our brand to be situated at the hospital. For us, it became imperative that we not just reach out to people on digital platforms but reach out to parents directly and make them understand about the usage of the purest, natural ingredients for not just nurturing a toxin-free body but our planet too.”

Maate酒店致力于建立一个可持续未来 -

非常久远育儿,Maate酒店不断向碳足迹减少工作压力太大。 Maate酒店对可持续发展的星球,追求自然,健康的生活方式的承诺是applaudable。牢记零废物的做法,该品牌只使用高质量,测试包装,不含有害染料和化学品。 Maate酒店珍珠白的它们的容器中的不同的色光通过使用水转印色技术,这是自由的有毒化学品来实现。 Maate酒店认为在其电子商务包装塑料零使用。