信实工业有限公司(RIL)进入有它的公布 网上零售 通过新的电子商务平台,jiomart,零售业在2019年八月,并通过jiomart开始在孟买同一个试点在2020年1月,计划提供超过50,000种产品,比线下零售商连接了3000万人口拥有200万个家庭在全国,全球国际说,一个领先的数据和分析公司在印度。  

通过jiomart本地连接离线创造的价值链 零售商 大规模随着销售终端(POS)解决方案,它提供用户友好的数字化平台进行库存管理,客户关怀服务和零售商需要的其他服务,其商业点。 jiomart计划在不久的将来把范围在电子产品和服装和鞋类在其。

food & grocery sector is tipped to be the next business battle for online 零售商 in India. 零售商s, both domestic and international, have been proactive in their approach towards the rapidly growing online food & grocery (F&G) sector in a bid to capture a large customer base.  


GlobalData estimates that the online F&G market in India grew at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 71.2% between 2013-2018 and is set to grow at a CAGR of 45.5% during 2018-2023 as the urban working population is rising in 印度人 cities and 零售商 are venturing into non-metro cities. This growth is also supported by the rapidly growing mobile internet and 手机 渗透。 

Suresh Sunkara, Retail Analyst at GlobalData, said, "RIL’s JioMart eyes the massive potential in online F&G retailing, which is estimated to reach INR654bn (US$9.12bn) in 2023. Reliance is known for its disruptive ideas and business approach, and the same can be said for its latest venture, JioMart. With its retail wing in cash and carry outlets through Reliance Fresh and Reliance Supermart, and a massive customer base with India’s largest telecom network in the form of Jio, capturing the market is not going to be tough for JioMart."

“作为一个国内公司,信实得到亚马逊和沃尔玛这种优势Flipkart拥有小姐由于新 电子商务 法规,以保障在该国国内线下零售商的利益,“我补充道。