印度零售市场的触摸$ 1200十亿2021-是市场准备好了吗?

All the forms of trade have their own sets of challenges, but they all need to have a good technology partner who delivers to them innovative & cutting edge solutions which are customized for best results.
印度人 retail market to touch $1200 billion by 2021–Is the Market ready?

Retail in India, at present,if not trod carefully and cautiously will be like “Pandora’sBox” which Zeus had given to Pandora, which was full of hope, but its untimely opening led to release of evil. If I were to relate this Greek myth to present retail scenario in India, “hope” relates to various opportunities it seeks to provide and whereas “patience” would be to wait for the right opportune time  &use the right technological tools to get the desired result. In orderto reach to $1200 Billion by 2021 如2019年10月FICCI /德勤报告所指出的,188体育盘口需要受到纪律处分,并在价格战不会放纵查杀传统零售市场retail.indian必须是所有玩家繁荣,不仅几大即使在今天80-85 onesas印度零售收入的%来自Kirana商店。

In another decade India is expected to overtake Japan to become the third-largest consumer market after USA & China. While , it is evident that lot is at stake and everyone is putting their best foot forward  to achieve their numbers/sales target, but it also throws few pertinent questions , and future growth stories depend on the choices made, they are:-

  • Does India want to achieve the targeted number with much disparity or all-round sectorial growths/ markets without widening the gap of have & have nots?
  • 是传统的零售/ Kirana店准备进行下一次技术飞跃或indiaprosper只能与大牌球员,包括对待,全球玩家蓬勃发展的技术?
  • 政府资助计划将帮助组织和促进 传统的贸易 或将政府拿出更多的步骤一样允许100%的外国直接投资在实现数字/大手,帮助?

By addressing the above questions & by making choices judiciously thepuzzle of Indian retail will be solved. 印度人 retailers should take the following steps in the larger good for the market:

  • 深贴现需求走开像潘多拉的盒子邪恶。 attractscustomers虽然大幅打折,他们蚕食利润,它往往是看到,为他们提供企业做出了巨大的损失,并在具有市场或卖出了大型企业的怨恨在一段时间内消失或自己获得了PE公司剥离
  • 因为我们知道数据是新的石油有许多现代零售治理开始,但我们的传统零售业一直没有明白无论是数据的能力,或者如果他们有,他们无法捕捉到它,并把它tocorrect使用。小时的需要是组织Kirana卖场和教育他们,使他们跟上不断变化的市场。
  • 在过去几年里,网上零售交易的出现whichare稳步上升增加互联网普及率随着越来越多的全频道发表当日的通话
  • 技术 has been playing a major role in the retail industry to solve various issues at hand and now AI/ML is the disruptive 革新 that has created a new market while disrupting the existing market. Thiswill go a long way in evolving Indian retail as it may solve the major hurdles the 印度人 retail is currently facing -  managing inventory, predicting sales, customer acquisition, customer engagement & loyalty(retention) and the last mile connectivity including reverse logistics (returns)

All the forms of trade have their own sets of challenges, but they all need to have a good technology partner who delivers to them innovative & cutting edge solutions which are customized for best results. For example, many Kirana stores are not using POS (Point of Sale) or using outdated POS, If they use the modern POS (which we call Point of Service) and not just a billing software, it can solve many problems by capturing data and throwing predictive sales by using AI/ML and help in managing inventory and knowing consumer habits across seasons & regions and this will boost their sales and counter the deep discounting done by larger players/ online players. Today technologies like understanding buyer’s mood by facial recognition& even using smartphones as a POS is a reality. These technologies need to be adapted effectively and used by all forms of trade and even stores in tier 2 & tier 3 cities to be a part of the 印度人 Retail Growth story

Jeff Bezos during his recent visit to India announcedthat his company  AMAZON would invest $1 billion in India over the next five years, bringing millions of small and midsize local businesses online and Government also in the recent Union 预算 proposed a new levy of 1%  TDS on e-commerce transactions, a move that could increase burden on sellers on such platforms and increase the cost of compliance. These 2 announcements may be a Game changer for Indian retail which has  tremendous potential . Due to lack of technological penetration traditional retail/kirana stores have not been able to harness the market potential to its fullest . Once latest technology is adapted with discipline & patience, it will  unleash  the full potential of Indian retail and soon a new milestone  above ($1200 billion) will be set for future  and it will be like a ‘Pandora’s Box’ only with hope & no evil for the 印度人 retail market.


amreshwar殉夫 is the 首席运营官(COO) of iE3 Innovations Private Limited, a sister concern of US based company E3 retail and has around 24 years of varied experience in different spheres of business in various roles and responsibilities. He has a Global Executive MBA from 印度人 School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad  with international Immersions at CEIBS, Shanghai, The Wharton School, UPENN &  Kellogg School of Management, Illinois, USA. He can be reached via these following handles:

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