Next stage of SFA through Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence in FMCG/ retail

No wonder Amazon attributes its business growth to the very powerful technology capability powered by ML & AI.


The credit goes to advance Machine Learning (ML) & Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms which are capable of churning big data and deliver such beautiful buying experience. No wonder Amazon attributes its business growth to the very powerful technology capability powered by ML & AI. Such success stories are ubiquitous in the new digital ways of business management.

The question rises, if the FMCG and retail industry, can leverage ML & AI to deliver better business effectiveness and sophisticated user experience. The answer is an emphatic YES and anyone who is sceptical about this may have to wake from a regretful slumber.


  1. Order Recommendation: A typical salesman spends approx 5-8 mins in a store with 100+ products in his catalogue to push. Left to the salesman intelligence may not yield the desired growth.ML & AI helps suggest the right product assortment to maximise the sales in retail. It takes all the right ingredients to propose the sales order, historical purchase data, must sell SKUs, promotions, returns and similar store purchase behaviour. It’s essentially helping salesman to SELL MORE SELL BETTER 成功的实施可能会导致平均的8-10%的同店增长(无论是线条还是取决于企业的焦点值),这是非常健康的。总之,ml和AI由5-8分钟将通常降低销售代表的时间和提高智力得到所需的生长。
  2. Sales Route Optimisation: Just imagine easily google map guides us the best route to take while we travel (saving time or saving distance or as appropriate). How about using the same concepts to derive our sales routes to maximise sales, profits, travel time & distance make every day work more efficient( cost reduction or sales maximisation. Successful implementations have led to savings of at least 6-8% of total cost of sales and servicing.
  3. Sales Forecasting & Target Setting: This is one of the most widely used business use case of Machine Learning. Using historical sales data, geographic & demographic data and other factors like seasonality etc, organisations are forecasting the sales trend more accurately. This helps in complete logistics and right demand planning which is critical for both Top line & Bottom-line.
  4. Performance Shift: Building comparative performance metrics and creating a nudge to drive productivity shift is one of the areas AI champions. The beauty is the seamless implementation of possibilities like: Incentive &=and reward design on a stretched target arch, making sales team compete in a healthy manner to shift over all organisation performance etc are any managements dream. AI is a master at handling such tasks at ease if implemented in line with right strategy,
  5. Better Supervision & Sales Coaching:这是最新的,最有潜力的优秀销售面积。采用人工智能,很容易设计出正确的监督工具,并确保正确的教练输入交付。在美在于个性化的基础上个别业务员的实力和改进的地方,他的数据。想像一下业务员记分卡,其不断定期提高“艾电动工具监督员作出未来准备的销售队伍。 “这可以通过AI辅助上司,当然一个伟大的人的能力实现了销售总监的梦想。(我们始终相信,销售员是英雄,SFA是一个销售工具,以帮助他/她赢得比赛)

The List is endless and with the speed of technology capability & movement, it is only widening the horizon between AI enabled Sales tool Solutions and average transactional tool.

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