nykaa luxe旗舰店在新德里的chanakya开业

nykaa luxe旗舰店在新德里的chanakya开业
印度最大的美容零售商nykaa.com庆祝其旗舰店nykaa luxe店开业,作为新开业的生活方式目的地chanakya的独家美容零售商,由新德里的chanakyapuri的dlf集团。 
The Nykaa Luxe store is spread over 2,500 sq.feet and offers a unique set of luxe brands across makeup, skincare and fragrances, including 苹果电脑 Cosmetics, Estée Lauder, 鲍比棕色, Clinique, Christian Dior, Guerlain, Givenchy, Forest Essentials and Kama Ayurveda. As an exclusive offering, the store will showcase for the first time a shop-in-shop experience from Jo Malone London and Tom Ford as well as the entire range of Huda Beauty products. Also available at the store is nykaa Beauty, the in-house portfolio of 美女 制品 across cosmetics, naturals, bath & body and fragrances. 
nykaa于2016年推出m.a.c化妆品,clinique,bobbi brown和estéelauder,首次为在线消费者推出奢华美容。从那时起,它已扩大其产品组合,包括50多个奢侈品牌,包括化妆品,护肤品和香水,奢侈品类目前占nykaa总销售额的15%以上。 nykaa luxe旗舰店的开业符合nykaa对美容零售的全渠道方式。自2015年以来,nykaa以两种形式在印度开设了22家商店 - nykaa luxe和nykaa on trend。 
Present for the opening of the Nykaa Luxe store at The Chanakya were FalguniNayar, founder & CEO, Nykaa.com and AdwaitaNayar, Head-Retail, Nykaa.com. ‘This nykaa Luxe flagship store is designed to allow customers to indulge themselves. It brings together our largest collection of luxury beauty brands with opportunities for customers to experience the 制品 first hand at our vanity stations. Our expertly trained beauty assistants will be available to offer personalized solutions to every need. The growth in luxury beauty purchases reflects the discerning nature of our customers who are ready to invest in the best of beauty. With our omni-channel access and educational content we look to be able to guide and engage our customers as they build their 美女 regimes’, said Ms. Nayar. 
“我们很高兴与nykaa luxe合作,开设旗舰专业多美容店。这家旗舰店将展示我们最优秀的品牌,让nykaa的消费者体验我们的高品质服务,“印度estéelauder公司总经理rohan vaziralli说。